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We need your help to encourage better ads

We the undersigned…

want to make the Internet a better place for everyone – by getting rid of obnoxious ads.

Of course, we understand that advertising is the economic engine that drives the Internet and gives us free websites and great content. But as click-through rates continue to decline, many online advertisements have regrettably become obnoxious and obtrusive and annoying in a desperate effort to be heard. In turn, hundreds of millions of consumers have responded by installing ad blockers, which further depresses click-through rates. The vicious cycle worsens.

We want to reverse the cycle. We don't hate advertising per se, but nobody wants obtrusive blinking ads and content-obscuring rollovers running amok on their computers and mobile phones. So we have a good compromise; we call it "Acceptable Ads."

This is our manifesto:

  1. Acceptable Ads are not annoying.
  2. Acceptable Ads do not disrupt or distort the page content we're trying to read.
  3. Acceptable Ads are transparent with us about being an ad.
  4. Acceptable Ads are effective without shouting at us.
  5. Acceptable Ads are appropriate to the site that we are on.

We believe that advertisers, their ad agencies, online ad networks and publishers should come together and support these guidelines for Acceptable Ads. Together we can make the Internet a better place for everyone!

Sound good? If you'd like to sign, just follow the instructions at the top – we'd love to have you on board! And if you're a business or organization, contact us.

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